Corporate Yoga

Our corporate yoga programme is the perfect way to introduce and revive wellness into your workplace. As mental well-being becomes more of a priority, employees are wanting a healthy company culture and employers are beginning to see the benefits.

The benefits of corporate yoga are far-reaching and the advantages are clear.


Reduced stress.

While a mild amount of stress is a healthy tool to help us meet deadlines, constant stress can interfere with many physical and mental abilities.

Improve employee’s health.

Yoga is proven to relieve the pain from sitting at desks for hours in a day - this discomfort affects mood and the ability to focus on tasks, making work an unpleasant experience. It has also been noted that immune systems improve with a regular yoga practice. Workplace yoga could be the answer to lowering absences and sick days!

Increase mental alertness.

Yoga is dynamic and ranges from slow and meditative to energising and active. Employees find that they feel relaxed, gain more clarity and benefit from the added energy to perform their tasks.

Boost company morale.

If morale is low at work, it will foster a negative, unproductive corporate culture. A yoga class will function as a team-building tool that will be increasing stress resilience while also promoting a workplace community.

Yoga is for everyone.

Our wellness sessions are designed for all fitness levels and you don’t need to be flexible to join a yoga class. There are always options for complete beginners and also for experienced practitioners so the whole team can be included.

What we offer:

  • On-site group and private classes
  • Tailored practices for individuals or groups
  • Specialised workshops
  • Board meeting breakout sessions
  • Breath and core strengthening work
  • Guided relaxation and meditation

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