Welcome to Vital Yoga.

Vital Yoga is an asana-based studio with an opportunity to enjoy yoga the social way. The studio functions in a shared space that offers plant-based dinners, workshops and meditation.

Read below for more information on all the extra perks of a Vital membership!


Tips Questions

Vital Tips

Arrive 10 minutes early.

This will give you enough time to settle in, find your way around, and meet your instructor.

Try the Introductory Offer.

$59 for one month of unlimited yoga to give all the classes a go. It is our one-time-only offer that allows you to try as many classes you like and a chance to get a solid yoga practice going to feel the benefits.

Practice on an empty stomach.

Try your best to avoid eating 2 hours before your class. However, if you’re starving, grab something small like a bliss ball, fruit, or a light snack to give that boost of energy.

Come hydrated.

You’ll feel more comfortable and energised in the class if you’ve been drinking 1-2L of water throughout the day.

Let the teachers know of any injuries, medical conditions, or pregnancy.

This helps the instructor to give the best assistance and modifications.

Practice often.

You’ll feel the best with a practice of 4-5 times per week. But no stress if time doesn’t always allow! 2-3 times per week will show improvement for most students within a few months.

Most importantly be prepared to stretch, gain strength and enjoy the process of yoga! You’ll do more for your health, body, and well-being than you ever imagined possible.


How do I book?

After you purchase your pass you will receive an email confirmation of purchase from us

Either register yourself on our booking system, Momoyoga, or wait and we can do that for you. We will be adding your yoga pass to your account within one hour. 
Momoyoga is a place where you can easily book into our classes and continue to buy future passes and memberships.

It’s easy! All you have to do is activate your account, create a password, and download the app for easy access on your Smartphone.

What will happen to my pass during a lockdown?

During Level 2 we will still operate at a reduced capacity. So make sure to book online to save your place on the mat! For Level 3 and Level 4 lockdowns, we are unable to operate but all memberships and classes will be placed on hold until we reopen

What are the optional dinners, workshops, and meditations mentioned?

Our studio is in a shared space with a yoga lounge that offers yoga-psychology workshops, meditations and dinners. These are included in the 3-month and 6-month memberships* but can also be attended for an additional price for those with other memberships. 

For yogis attending an evening classes, from Monday to Wednesday, dinner is an additional $5. The meals provided are plant-based, tasty and include dessert. Most yogis stay after class for dinner to skip the cooking and dishes after a long day! 

The option of yoga & dinner can be decided as you arrive or even on your way out of class. Get in contact, or see us at reception, for more information on the workshops and meditations.

* Excludes special events. Programmes and dinner run only from Monday to Wednesday.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there is street parking right outside and access to parking nearby within walking distance of the studio.

I've never done yoga before, how do I get started?

Most people start with our Introductory Offer - you can see our membership page to explore what’s best for you or chat with us for recommendations.

We function through our studio software Momoyoga, which is incredibly accessible and easy to navigate. Either register online when you purchase a membership or see us at reception and we’ll be happy to register you then.

It’s important to not stress the beginnings of your yoga practice - just come in and get started! You’ll feel amazing and so accomplished to be dedicating time to trying something new!

What do I wear?

Wear clothing that won’t restrict your movement. Make sure you feel comfortable but also avoid any long tops that will ride up or flop over your head in a downward dog! It’s easy to get put off by the whole Instagram image of yoga. Be assured that the reality of most yoga classes is made up of people of all shapes and sizes, friendly faces, and you will be welcomed with no judgment.

What do I need to bring?

Consider bringing a water bottle, a towel, and a yoga mat if you have one. Otherwise, mat hire is free of charge so we have you covered.

I’m unfit/inflexible, will I be able to do yoga?

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous when starting something new. Set up your mat at the back, follow as much as you can, take rests when you need to and concentrate on your own body rather than the rest of the class. The instructors at Vital are friendly and understanding - they’ve all felt the same when they started too! Know that you won’t be alone and there’s plenty of newcomers in the studio.

The teachers are trained to give many variations and adjustments to suit all levels of flexibility and fitness. Check out our timetable for beginner’s classes.