Mind, Body & Yoga

by Rongomai , Sep 12, 2021

Mind, Body & Yoga

Have you ever thought of Yoga as therapy beyond the bounds of just your body? Or maybe you’ve experienced sinking into a deep stretch and found unexpected emotions arise? If so, it’s not as much of a surprising phenomenon that you may think.

The body and mind are no strangers to one another; being a part of the same cybernetic system, the mind is constantly influencing the body just as much as the body is influencing the mind. Having this tight connection means that our thoughts and emotions affect how we feel physically, vice versa. So yes, studies show that emotions can manifest physically, whether it be the ongoing  physical fatigue from emotional exhaustion, or prolonged anxiety causing chronic neck pain. 

But what I find interesting according to experts is that there is one body part that is the gateway to emotional well-being, and that is the hips. Unlike the more obvious aches and pains our hips hold a lot of unconscious tension, old emotions, trauma and vulnerability. So just as much as the hips are a storehouse of emotions, they can also be a portal into physical, mental and emotional healing.

So next time you come to our Vital Yoga studio you might want to embrace yoga postures like hip openers, even though they might be difficult at times. Because the benefit of yoga is that it provides an amazing opportunity to access the depths of our bodies and emotions. And although everyone's bodies are different, taking care of our overall wellness should always be a universal priority.