Ugh Yoga... When you're really not feeling it

by Jade , Sep 10, 2021

Ugh Yoga... When you're really not feeling it

There are days when yoga feels incredible. You’ve been waiting the whole day for your class and afterwards you’re somehow feeling both relaxed and energised. But even after those kinds of classes, it’s still such a struggle to keep up with your new yoga fix. 

Most likely, you’re feeling too busy. The benefits of yoga don’t seem to matter when your day has been packed, you haven't had a chance to relax, and dinner still needs to be made. A yoga class would be way too much at the end of the day and the mornings are too rushed. Real talk. You’re probably feeling too tired. Or commonly, maybe the idea of going to a yoga class with a room full of flexible people just feels uncomfortable. 

Life seems to get in the way of yoga sometimes. 

But yoga postures generally come with a new mindset and that’s why everyone loves it. When feeling “too busy,” most people just need to readjust and find a time that yoga becomes productive for their day rather than a hassle. A morning yoga class may be exactly what you need to clear out distracting thoughts, de-stress and boost efficiency. 

Often feeling tired can be an overwhelming feeling for doing yoga. But yoga moves prana, life air, around the body. This means that your body will be nourished with more energy and you’ll feel like that yoga class was the best decision you’ve made yet. You’ll feel the difference. 

Surprisingly, a big drawback to people’s yoga practice is feeling uncomfortable in a yoga class. And that’s probably why it’s so easy to procrastinate getting on the mat sometimes. You’re definitely not the only one in the room feeling a bit shy or embarrassed about your yoga skills or how everyone else seems to be so much more flexible. The easy solution is to do yoga at home a few times to get the idea and then start yoga for beginners. Doing yoga for anxiety is going to make it easier and easier to keep showing up to the mat and soon this won’t be a concern at all!

Another great way to stay motivated in your practice is to read about the rewards and benefits of doing that yoga class. Knowing that you’re going to leave feeling lighter and accomplished might be that push you needed to adjust your mindset.

Remember, your practice can also look like a 20-min online yoga class and that’s also a success!