A Journey: Lacrosse to Yoga

by Emma , Sep 15, 2021

A Journey: Lacrosse to Yoga

If you’re reading this from New Zealand chances are you haven’t heard of lacrosse, except maybe as the sport they played on “American Pie” or “St Trinians” but believe it or not lacrosse is actually a real sport, played in New Zealand.

When I was ten I began my lacrosse career.

However, when I was fifteen my NZ-born parents decided it was time to come home. What was I to do? I was halfway through my high school exams, with flourishing opportunities of playing high-level lacrosse -maybe even representing England at the next U19 world cup! And now I had to give it up!?

So I stayed alone in London, living at a few friends' places and hoping they wouldn’t get sick of me, I’d rotate through them. It was then that I discovered that home is where the heart is, not where my lacrosse stick is. So a year later I followed my mum and dad and two younger brothers to the other side of the world, leaving my friends, dreams, and ambitions, wondering what was awaiting me.

At this strange transition, it was time to remember that long-forgotten wisdom taught to my younger self - meditation.

When I was nine years old I was first introduced to meditation and the power of giving your attention fully to one thing at a time, controlling your thoughts and surging emotions, learning to “let go” and the many other benefits meditation has to offer.

Something inside me was quite loudly saying dictating me to return to my old inquisitive nature, rediscover that ancient wisdom that I was taught as a child.

I managed to restart my old meditation practice to deal with the stresses of an intense lacrosse lifestyle and man it was a blessing. Although I didn’t fully know what I was doing I could see the benefit so I kept it up.

I knew it was time to look into that internal side of things. How could I combine my love of exercise with my internal quest to understand meditation? So I tried out yoga, and LOVED it! It can be as hardcore or softcore as you like it, and every asana or flow has an internal effect, such as calming the mind or sharpening your concentration.

The cleansing movements of the poses with the breath is such an exhilarating experience, it’s addictive, in a positive way! So I kept up yoga and gradually got even more into it than lacrosse.

But it’s much more flexible, I can live my modern-day yogic lifestyle and keep the rest of my life going as well. Well mostly, not with these lockdowns, but that’s even better, I get a chance to absorb myself in yoga practice, meditation, and discovering more about this wonderful lifestyle I’m trying to live.