Yoga for the people – Better Health & Life

by Kathleen , Jul 6, 2020

Yoga for the people – Better Health & Life

What would your perfect yoga class consist of? Break it down for me. Are you needing that deep stretch yoga for runners?  So many people are putting in the effort to find eco-friendly commuting options like walking, running, or biking into the office.

Maybe a little yoga for flexibility would help elongate those tired muscles after a long day, and help to release muscle fatigue? Or have you been so busy at the desk, grinding out the 9-5 that you’ve neglected good posture and need a good routine of yoga for back pain?

How about an online yoga at home featuring a Yin-free-flow with a little bit of face yoga at the end to call it a day?

‘Face yoga? Are you freaking kidding me?’ Your mind laughs. I know mine quietly did… But yes, yoga for the face exists too! And guess what the results are incredible.

Toss out all of the anti-wrinkle creams, gadgets for uplifting sagging necklines, and please stop even thinking about Botox. It’s true, with a 5-minute routine and a bit of concentration, face yoga is said to take 10 years off the look of your skin (depending on your age).

It’s also preventative and if you don’t mind me saying- fun! I noticed after trying it for 10 days in a row that I regained some of my youthful expression, and felt a little bit healed by reconnecting to the silly-side of my inner child.

In all seriousness though, map it out. Think about your life, your age, your work, your habits, even your mind! Then think about the perfect yoga class for you, because guess what?

No one knows what you need better than you do, and opening up to yourself about what you might be lacking or needing to balance out various stresses on the body or mind is the ideal start for reconnecting to yourself.

That’s what yoga is all about. It’s not about how far you can shove your head between your legs, or how long you can stay balanced on one toe. Yoga is the art and culture of consciousness. Consciousness is the symptom of YOU.

You are a conscious being, and according to the ancient yoga texts, the symptom of death is nothing more than your consciousness leaving your body. (Where you may go next is a whole other conversation!) So while your consciousness is within this body, it’s important to expand it.

Become aware of signals that your body or mind may be sent to you that indicate an imbalance. Pain, inability to sleep, difficulty concentrating, profuse anger, or isolating tendencies are likely indicators of imbalance.

So what’s your perfect yoga class? What would be the most nourishing, empathetic, soothing, or empowering way to uplift your mind and body?

The more you tune into yourself the more you will experience the benefit of yoga. The more you will feel a connection, conscious expansion, and see the dawn of self-realization.