Holistic Yoga: The Season for a Spring Cleanse

by Jade , Oct 8, 2020

Holistic Yoga: The Season for a Spring Cleanse

We’re thankfully moving into spring! And this season invites a renewal of energy, growth and maybe even taking the time for some internal spring cleaning.

The winter blues may still be lingering and it’s probably a good time to let go of our comfort eating that came along with the miserable weather too. Spring’s natural element is movement and as the flowers bloom, and push through the earth with life, we can join
in by revitalising our body with a much needed yoga detox.

Our bodies tend to accumulate and store fat during the winter; a natural reaction of hibernation to get us through the season of gloomy days and stodgy, warming meals. Along with those few extra kgs (some may call it our body’s natural winter coat) we also store extra toxins. While it’s tempting to hop on the treadmill towards our ‘summer bod’ I invite you to take the holistic steps towards a yogic cleanse. The classes at Vital will be refined for a rejuvenation of body and mind.

According to Ayurveda, an ancient healing system, our bodies are in sync with the seasons and crave the renewal that Spring invites. This could mean eating according to the season such as bitter, astringent greens (these are so super cheap and abundant in local markets)
to kickstart a detox. Even a slice of lemon slipped in your drink is good. Even better is a focus on your yoga practice.

The benefit of yoga for detoxing is the range of asanas that can get you twisting, moving and getting a good sweat on. A functional cleansing pose you can add to your yoga at home, or with the team at Vital, are seated twists. This is particularly detoxifying
to the inner organs and lymphatic system (essentially it’s great for your immune system) and deep twisting will wring out the sluggishness of your mornings (this honestly tastes better than a double shot espresso my friends).

Forward folds are another spring special asana. This stimulates your kidneys, liver and bladder to aid in digestion to get those toxins flowing! Particularly the forward-folding inversions in yoga are great at stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Perfect
for those in need of yoga for sleep too. Reaching for those little toes will be flushing out any stresses and anxiety that we carry in our day, allowing a more restful sleep which is necessary to revive our bodies after a cleanse.

A more active pose to get things moving are high lunges. A totally underrated asana but this powerful pose will strengthen your legs whilst tightening your core muscles. Most of us will be holding a lot of stored emotions and tension in our hips and this asana will be releasing a lot that comes to the surface during a detox.

If you’re finding that you’re feeling sluggish, bloated, lethargic and eager to shed the brain fog and bloated belly, then it’s time to restore your body and mind.