What Would a Yogi Eat?

by Giselle , Sep 17, 2020

What Would a Yogi Eat?

We all know that feeling: we leave the gym or the studio (yoga or dance, take your pick) and feel an urge for a sugary treat. Our mind plays tricks on us, telling us that we ‘deserve’ it given the hard work we put in. You’re sweating, hot, dehydrated and tired. It’s hard to resist temptation at that point.

Before I tell you the perfect solution for this problem, let’s step back a little to understand what’s happening. This article has the details, but the short story from us at Vital yoga is as follows.

Imagine you’re in one of Ananda’s 630am flow classes. In the class (and in life), you need energy to move, and strength to hold yourself up. We get the energy from burning the carbs stored in our muscles, and the strength from using the muscles themselves. And in our yoga classes, we make sure that you use both to get the most from your workout. At the end of the workout, your carb-stores are all out and your muscles have lots of teeny little tears. Don’t worry though – this is perfectly normal because what happens next is that the body repairs those broken muscles longer, stronger and better than before.

BUT, it needs energy to do that, and the energy you just had is all gone! So what now? Your body goes into hyper-drive, telling you you need energy pronto. And it knows fat and sugar are way more dense energy sources than carbs or protein. So you put 2 (your body’s needs) and 2 (your mind’s tricks) together and comes out with 10: COOKIES.

The ancient yogis were well aware of this tendency of our bodies and minds. They advocated simple, healthy and compassionate food for the body. Here at Vital yoga, we know a thing or two about yoga!

So you’ve pushed yourself and finished the class. You know what your body and your mind are doing and feel their influence. And you know what the ancient yogis said to do about it. What to do? If you’re in one of our Sunday-Wednesday evening classes, the answer is simple: walk out of the studio, and into Vital’s dining space. On those evenings, we provide the perfect solution to post-workout cravings: an attentively cooked, healthy and cruelty-free plant-based meal. Perfect for the body and the mind.

So if you want to learn what a yogi would eat: come see for yourself at Vital yoga. We’ve got plenty to go round.