Yoga and Coffee: A Wellington Thing

by Giselle , Sep 4, 2020

Yoga and Coffee: A Wellington Thing

Wellington is a city where most things in life involve a good cup of coffee. For many people who do yoga in Wellington, coffee and yoga are part of the morning routine. Waking up properly means a bit of surya-namaskar (sun-salutation) or an online class and a locally roasted, freshly brewed cup of coffee – served double shot as standard.

As the coffee capital, Wellington boasts an estimated 40 or so coffee roasteries, with a number of well loved names. Whether you prefer your Havana, L’Affare, Supreme, Mojo, Acme, Flight, Raglan Roast or Good Fortune Coffee, it’s all good and it’s all local. To be a Wellingtonian means to chew politics, make plans and sip a solid brew at your local cafe.

But what did Wellingtonians do when these were closed under lockdown? Though many brands are available through supermarkets, not everyone has the brewing expertise, not to mention the machinery required, to make a good cup at home. Locked down and dying for a cup of the good stuff, where did Wellingtonians get their fix? For us here at Vital Yoga, yoga and meditation is our fix, our mojo, our supreme brew and our good fortune.

Yoga is an ancient practice that is growing fast all over the world, including in Wellington. It is used as an exercise and practice for healing all sorts of ailments. Any quick search will bring you yoga of all types for all purposes: weight loss, back pain, sleep, flexibility, strength, anxiety, and even face muscles! Yoga is inclusive: it is for people of all ages, levels and walks of life.

By practicing the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork), anyone can find their inner balance, strength and peace of mind – a state of being most Wellingtonians find at the bottom of a flat white. At home or in class, do yoga often enough and you’ll reap these benefits continuously. Before you know it, it’ll become a part of your routine – certainly complimenting, but perhaps even replacing the esteemed double shot coffee and its dreary queue!