Yoga is for Everyone

by Kathleen , Aug 27, 2020

Yoga is for Everyone

“If only I didn’t work so much, then I could get into yoga…”

I repeated that same excuse to myself, maybe half a million times, over the last few years. I work in hospitality, which means I was either working, sleeping, or trying to catch up on the rest of my life. Combined with my innate laziness, I was struggling to commit to any yoga practice.

Then came March 25th, 2020: the nationwide lock-down.

I no longer had any excuses, and a ridiculous amount of free time. So I began to google: “yoga for beginners”, “online yoga classes”, “yoga starter pack”… You get the idea. Drowning in options, I clicked on a few videos here and there, somehow expecting to find the perfect yogi, who was going to teach me how to stand on my head in half a second and make me a yoga superstar within a week.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect instructor was more challenging than I thought, and following along online proved difficult for my inattentive mind. I was disillusioned. However, with nothing else to do, I persevered and began the journey of overcoming my life-long aversion to being healthy.

Discovering what I enjoyed was the key to maintaining my practice. Once I’d found Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, I began to understand what all the fuss was about and opened myself up to other practices. Some of my friends got into yoga, and within a month, were doing all sorts of advanced asanas; others, like myself, quietly dipped their toes in and made slow but steady progress.

And I realised both are OK: the best part about yoga is that it accommodates all of us. Any level,  any pace – it’s all about finding your inner call to practice and going from there.

So what was your lock-down yoga experience? Are you a newly-expert yogini, just itching for COVID-19 to blow over so you can book your tickets to a yoga retreat in India? Or are you a humble beginner, working up the courage to go to your first real-life class? Wherever you are on that scale, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at Vital Yoga.

The worst of the lock-down might be over, but the best of your practice is yet to begin. See ya soon!