Diary of a Lockdown Yogi

by Esther , Aug 5, 2020

Diary of a Lockdown Yogi

I am lucky I have always been a pretty disciplined and focused kind of person when it comes to my asana and meditation practice. Creating your routine and staying steady brings balance.

Thrown into the midst of a lockdown, trying to work a busy job now at home, being newly married and stay on top of my yoga practice was an experience!

Hit 28th March 2020 no leaving our two bedroom cost wee flat in Cardiff Wales small lounge, and my laptop perched on my knee ready for my 9-5….

My practice took a shift and it had to evolve. It ain’t gonna stay the same was blaring in my mind. Work it Esther find your way! With my asana practice, the lockdown bubble feels less intense….

Some days I was craving for a invigorating vinyasa practice full of heat, fire, backbends pacy sun salutations. The neck aches and shoulders pains from desk work craved some side stretches, shoulder opening, and juicy forward folds to release into. A yoga vinyasa practice detoxifies our nervous system to feel re enlivened leaving the sluggish work zone, and heavy day left behind.

Yet some days particularly that Friday afternoon lull, I was ready to let it all slide away. Week done laptop closed. Yoga Mat rolled out. Let the physical body and connective tissues of the muscles just let it all pour into a Yin practice. Softness and stillness forces me to enter into the deeper longer holds. Yet feeling the benefit of a deep focus on the breath, passive inhale and exhale for the mind to let go and left the body unfold. Yin allows us to be and to accept what feels unpleasant but passively opening us up to what we need to keep, and using it to restore and rebalance.

Many may get bored of the breath, or stuck in what’s for dinner or man I wish I was out my flat and not near my workspace !!! However, the ability to be and connect to a breath whilst passively connecting to the supreme also located within our heart centre, leaves one feeling nourished and less perplexed.

After all, that’s what we all want hey