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Vinyasa Flow

A form of yoga for practitioners of all levels. You’ll start off slow with held poses and gradually build up to an energetic pace for the ultimate combination of flexibility, strength and cardio. Sequences of sun salutations are the foundation of this practice to work your entire body. Expect a refreshed mindset and new sense of clarity from conscious movement.


Ashtanga Vinyasa

Traditional Ashtanga yoga follows the same series of poses in a precise order. It is a dynamic and powerful yoga practice. By following a repeating sequence, practitioners that are consistently practicing are able to see their progress clearly and learn the art of breathing through testing moments.


Power Vinyasa

Enliven the body with Vital Yoga’s Power Vinyasa. These classes maintain the connection between mind and body while allowing the experimentation of more challenging transitions and poses. Power Vinyasa works the deeper muscles to improve cardiovascular capacity, strength and increase muscle endurance.

Active Deep Stretch

A form of yoga developed by Muni; a well known teacher within the Wellington region. This style incorporates vinyasa flow to build heat and longer periods of deep stretching. Active Deep Stretch particularly releases tension and includes a complete range of movement to reset the body.


A foundational class with an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Hatha Yoga is known as the ‘moving meditation’ as it soothes the nervous system; while your body relaxes so does your mind. Hatha is beneficial for all levels of practitioners. However, even a beginner practice in Hatha Yoga will invite improved cardiovascular health, posture and a rejuvenated system. This class is best for those seeking a gentle yoga practice.

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